Examples of:
Quintet programs

Ma mère l’oye
Fables, legends and French Impressionism

Out of love for the subtle French spheres of Impressionism, Lumaka has made arrangements of their favorite pieces: Debussy’s masterpiece ‘ La prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune’, the prelude of a faun playing in the hot afternoon hours its flute of reed, and of Ravel’s ‘Ma mère l’oye’ (Mother Goose), a collection of pieces depicting fairy tales such as Tom Thumb, Belle and the Beast or The Fairytale Garden. In the first half of the concert Lumaka performs original works from the same period, which are no less enchanting.

Gabriel Pierné – Variations libres et finale, for quintet
Maurice Ravel – Sonatine en Trio (arr. Salzedo), for flute, viola and harp
Maurice Ravel – Sonata, for violin and cello
Jean Françaix – Quintet
Claude Debussy – Prélude à l’apres-midi d’un Faune (arrangement for quintet)
Maurice Ravel – Ma mère l’oye (arrangement for quintet)


Moments musicaux
….from old masters, beautiful moments and fine reproductions…..

Old masters and their works have always been a source of inspiration for new generations of composers.
Bringing together works from Classicism, Romanticism and Impressionism, Lumaka presents a varied and contrast-rich program, which also reveals the connections and crosslinks between the pieces and their composers.

Franz Schubert – Moments Musicaux (arr. Jean Françaix), for quintet
Wolfgang A. Mozart – Flute quartet KV 285
Jean Françaix – Quintet
Mikhail Glinka – Mozart Variations, for harp solo
Franz Schubert – Trio D 471, for violin, viola and cello
Marcel Tournier – Suite op. 34, for quintet


an exciting program with music & movies

Pictures from famous movies: Modern Times, La dolce Vita, der Blaue Engel, The Birds, Amélie….
What happens when you watch a movie and hear other music than the original score? What happens when you do not hear any music at all?
Experience how important music is for movies. How music enhances the different emotions, the story, the imagination… Music plays enchanting games with what we see and feel!
Ensemble Lumaka brings along a beamer, a large screen and a program of ca. 60 minutes, including among others the following music:

Nino Rota – Quintet
Dimitry Schostakowitsch – Second Waltz
Charlie Chaplin – Smile (from the movie Modern Times)
Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov – Flight of the Bumblebee
Gabriel Pierné – Voyage au ‘Pays du Tendre’
Jean Cras – Quintet
Fragments of the music of Ennio Morricone and John Williams


Examples of:
Trio programs

with violin, flute and harp
About folkmusic and far countries

A journey rich in experiences! Walks in the Czech Republic, Spanish and Romanian dances, a party in France, Oriental miniatures, an English garden party and a breeze on Japanese shores….
Vraiment divertissement!

Boguslav Martinu – Promenades
Enrique Granados – Andaluza
Béla Bartók – Romanian Dances
Jacques Ibert – Deux interludes
Pierre-Octave Ferroud – Jade (from: Trois pièces pour flûte seule)
Eugene Goossens – Suite op. 6
Michio Miyagi – Haro nu Umi
André Caplet – Divertissement à la française/ à l’espagnole
Leo Smit – Trio


with viola, flute and harp
The Art of Trio 

With his Sonata for flute, viola and harp, Claude Debussy created a new chamber music set-up that would inspire many other composers in the 20th century. For Martina, Jana and Miriam, his sonata was the beginning of a close cooperation that has already lasted for more than fifteen years.
They know how to inspire each other again and again. Paired with a subtle interplay of blending or contrasting timbres and movements, they know how to lead the listener into the delicate world of the musical trio.

André Jolivet – Petite Suite
Arnold Bax – Elegiac Trio
Claude Debussy – Sonata
Toru Takemitsu – And then I knew ’t was wind
Leo Smit – Trio
Théodore Dubois – Terzettino


with cello, flute and harp
Blue hour 

In the Blue hour program, Lumaka takes you from night to daybreak. During the concert, we slowly explore the beauty of dusk, darkness and dawn.
This program can also be booked with a light design, which will transform your concert hall to fit the mood, and thus accompany our musical journey with sunset, moonlight and sunrise.

Claude Debussy – Syrinx & Feuilles d’album
Joseph Jongen – Deux pièces en Trio
Jules Mouquet – La flûte de Pan
Henriëtte Bosmans – Nocturne
Arthur Foote – At dusk
Georges Migot – Concert
Lazlo Lajtha – Trio nr. 2