MO(nu)MENTEN 1920 is a series of eight concerts by Ensemble Lumaka with classical music from the 1920’s, staged in different buildings that highlight¬†the leading architectural style of the period called the ‘Amsterdamse School’.

Each concert is tailor-made to its location and brings to life the building and its history, through a combination of story and music. This can be done in a guided tour, a theater concert with a storyteller and/or a concert with a visual artist. The content of the concerts connects with current users or inhabitants of the buildings and/or with a specific event or festival at the location. The concerts are staged in different neighborhoods in Amsterdam, almost all outside the city center.

With the concert series, Ensemble Lumaka aims to reconnect the people of Amsterdam with their neighborhoods and with the lesser known, but special architecture and music of the 1920’s. As a result, the series explores new and unexpected venues and stages, outside the cultural mainstream of the city.

Read¬†the blog of our series ‘MOnuMENTEN 1920’! (only in Dutch)